Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1. backwash I guess..
 2. accident at Target at least Im not sleeping in piss..
 3. a playdate where I cant stand the mom .. at least my kid isnt getting bullied.
 4. teething 6 month old.. you can always put them to bed .. and what not 18 month olds are too mobile..
 5. engorged breasts .. at least Im not pissing myself ..
 6. wtf.. I CANT DECIDE THIS ONE BOTH ARE EQUALY annoying, but since I have a boy Caillou.
 7. stomach flu .. I hate bugs.
 8.teenager .. nothing worse than collic .. I watched a baby that had colic everyday for a year .. fuck that ... 9. Farts.. I live with boys I live in a perpetual world of farts ..
 10.. Church.. those people already are judgy so screw it ...   

Thanks to Because My Life is Fascinating  For this fun Little game .. try it I want to know Your answers!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Backwash... At least it will go down smoothly.
    2. Definitely Target. They can clean the floor instead of me having to try to clean a mattress!
    3. Kid that hates my kid, because then the mom isn't there to see me give him a hard time.
    4. 6 month old.
    5. Engorged breasts! Maybe I can pretend I had a boob job for 2 weeks!
    6. I don't know what either of them sound like!
    7. Stomach flu! 24 hours = 2 - 4 pounds! LOL.
    8. Hormonal teenager. I can curse them out without feeling bad.
    9. You know, it doesn't matter. I live it everyday too!
    10. DItto on this one! Church is my answer too! And for the same reason!