Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unsolicited Advice..

             I know when I was pregnant for the first time I had tons of advice.. some that I was asking for but for the most part most of the advice that was received was rather unsolicited..

A lot of times I said nothing just nodded and smiled but there were times especially towards the end.. I lost it...

Yes I AM going to breast feed .. no I am not going to co sleep.... Yes I think he can have solid food now.. I do not think that it will kill him to cry it out a little ...

I am not mother of the year .. nor have I ever claimed to be.  I am often that person .. giving unsolicited advice.

I feel bad about it .. Im sorry but there have been certain instances recently that I felt that it was my duty to inform someone who was clueless that this would work and that wouldn't and I suppose I wasn't asked for the advice, but lord almighty did they need it!!!    Now did they take the advice... in a word  NO .. Is it biting them in the ass .. . Yes .. but whatever not my child not my problem I guess..

Have you received any unsolicited advice? If so ..what? What was the craziest Advice you have received? Did it annoy you ?

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